Faith, Family & Fitness

Welcome to my page everyone! My name is Brennon Paris, single father & superhero to a very special little boy, lover of my wonderful family, servant to the one above who continues to bless me on this roller coaster & purposeful journey called life.

I decided to take to the internet with my journey since everything I’ve been putting down on paper wasn’t reaching anyone.  I was told by the most inspiring woman in my life that I needed to start writing again so I’m excited to share my journey with all of you.  
This is my first attempt at blogging so I must warn you, I’ll be sharing my experiences, joys, loves, mistakes, findings, plans, and everything in between.  All of these things that encompass the “real” me.
Bear with me, I believe this road will lead to a great and many things, and I want to share it with you.

I can’t express how good it feels to finally do this.  In my findings of beginning a blog all the experts say the hardest part is putting your fingers on the keyboard and letting it rip. So lets get to it!

Welcome to Paris 🙂 A little about me.


34 years young, former football player, dabbling chef, adrenaline & fitness junkie (sort of), movie fanatic, outdoor lover, bit of a geek, Daddddyyyyy of the most precious, smart, happy, caring little 4-yr old on the planet.
Below is just as little peek at why I chose these three topics to share with you.

Faith: My litte angel, Braxton Alexander Paris, my speedster, is by far the greatest gift ever bestowed upon me by the good Lord above.  
Anytime I have felt myself losing focus with my faith, stealing hugs, hearing him call me “Daddy” or just seeing his sweet face, I immediately remember that my little man is the best of me, better than me, and the miracle of our children can be gifted to us parents by the only one possible, and I thank God daily for his most wonderful blessing.

Family: I have to say that my definition of the word “family” is a bit more descriptive & different than the majority and that’s ok.  
I have the most amazing support system, a constantly involved, immovable rock that I personally believe a lot of people take advantage of, even me at times.  We have been through the ringer, tough times, worse times, but we’ve kept fighting for each other through it all.  
Now, I don’t consider family to only be bound by blood.  I have been blessed with some of the most incredible individuals who I will never look at any other way but family.  Down the road I’ll introduce you all to some of them…if they’ll let me 🙂

Fitness: And then there’s this one.  This topic right here has (lol) has been that guy in the mirror I see each day and reminds me to get it together without saying a single word.  
I believe looking at the person in that mirror each and every day in silence and just allowing the motivation to overwhelm you to be better can be the single-most encouraging thing you can do for yourself and the people you care about most.

Shadow box.

Trainers tell you to stand in front of a mirror & out think, out maneuver, & be faster than the person staring back at you. Do this ever day, now it doesn’t have to be literal but set goals daily and destroy them, be better than you were when you got out of bed, everything else will fall into place.
That person, that you’re going to beat, is the only thing that truly stands in between you and the success you’re seeking!

Now…kick some ass!

Taking control of your health can provide an incredible domino effect and lead to so many positive things in your life.  Making healthy choices and still allowing yourself to enjoy life can be balanced, it just takes a little discipline.

I made the decision to get my ass back in shape(for real this time) nine weeks ago to enter the 250K challenge, which is huge for me since I’ve never done anything like this before. As of right now I’m down to 227 from a 252 ridiculous pounds (I’m not stopping)and it’s been roouuuughhh lol! 

Next month (April) is the contests end and I’ll be posting some progress pics soon! I want to share my results with you, so stay tuned.  If I can take the leap, so can you…you just have to decide you want it bad enough…you can do it!!

Thanks for stopping by, as I said this is just the beginning, I’ll be posting weekly so come back and see us, it’s going to be a fun ride and can’t wait to share it with you. Please comment, like, share and follow if you enjoyed the post, we sincerely appreciate it. Enjoy the weekend & make the most out of whatever you choose to do and who you spend it with!

See you on Monday!